Q: Can I get other colors of the wheel?

A: Yes, we can special order other colors for you. Please see our color chart. There will be an additional charge for special orders and it may take an additional 2 weeks for delivery if color films are factory applied. Please write to us for price and lead time.

Q: Is there any special tools I need to apply the color films myself?

A: No, all you need is a squeegee, scissors and some masking tape. If you have applied wall paper or window films previously you already know how. Please see the instructions.

Q: How do I get ( train ) my cat to use it?

A: Most cats are very curious and some very cautious. You want them to get comfortable with it right away by playing with their favorite toys on it. A laser beam or a fur ball on a stick is an excellent enticement for them to chase on the wheel. Once they figured out how the wheel works they will go on it themselves. Typically the more curious ones will adapt to it more quickly. Words of encouragement and treats, while they are using it, are also great stimulants in the beginning.

TIP: Putting the Wheel next to a large box, such as the one GoCatWheel came with, or next to a wall (about an inch away from it) will keep your cat from jumping through it. Closing off one side of the Wheel while you are on the other side of the Wheel will help them understand they are suppose to be in it when they first get on it. Work with them for 10 to 15 minutes each day and reward them with treats and affection when they make the Wheel go around. Soon they will be on it just to get your attention.

Q: Where can I see one before I buy it?

A: We are actively recruiting pet stores and retailers around the country. Please check back with us periodically for a retailer near you.

We are confident you are going to like the design and quality of our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the unused product within 15 days for a full refund.

Q: Can I purchase the wheel assembled?

A: Your local retailers may offer it assembled. We encourage dealers to offer assembly as part of their services. You may also find other pet owners in your area to help. We offer gifts and special discounts to those help others. Write to us let us know who helped you.

Q: You mentioned using packaging tape to strengthen the wheel joints in the instructions, how do I apply it?

A: Cut a strip of Scotch Heavy Duty Tape, provided, about 11 inches long. Apply the tape across the seam as you push down on the slightly bowl side of the track so that the two sides line up evenly. Make sure the entire transition at the joint as flat as possible. Trim off extra length of tape with a box cutter. The wheel will spin smoother and quieter when the transition at the track joints are flat. Apply the matching color film tape afterwards.

Q: How do I remove the wheel from the base?

A: Place the GoCatWheel about a foot from a wall. From the opposite side of the Wheel and wall, place the toe of your shoes against the Base to preventing it from moving toward you. Reach through the Wheel, hold on to the bottom of the Wheel and pull it toward you. While compressing the horizontal rollers on the other side of the Base, lift the wheel off from the horizontal rollers on your side, one roller at a time. Before lifting, it’s easier if you reach under the Wheel on your side and feel the location of the rollers. The wall behind the Wheel will prevent it from tipping over.